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We believe that right cooperation and investment lead us to further success.

Creating a good furniture product, it’s not only depend on our side, it’s also depend on our partner, the one who have very strong and long-term support for us, always help us to make the best products – our Suppliers.

The first supplier, the one help to give the nice solid items that we would like to mention is timber supplier. With the good quality of timber from them, with the huge experience in choosing the best material from the wood market trade, with their supporting to give all the best things to us and always on time, we are confident to produce the nice solid products for our customers.

It’s not only timber supplier but also painting supplier who helps us a lot in production. We are confident to say that “whatever you give us on the new color, we can do it for you”. We have been developing with them more than 300 different colors until now. The first request when we work with the painting supplier is the quality, it’s how long the color staying in the products, how matching of the color can fit from shipment to shipment ,.. and we’re pleased with their supporting.

Besides that, the hardware supplier and packing supplier are the final suppliers make the product perfect in the last step of production. There are hundred styles of handles for you to choose in good quality. Also you do not need to worry about the standard of the packaging because we can fit even with the drop text package.

In gathering their prestige in quality, on time of delivery, competitive price, we believe that we can produce the good products in the best price for our customers.