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More than 800 containers per year, 1000+ full time workers and 100+ different designs. Those are some achievements we have reached so far. But that’s not the final destination, we keep creating more value for our customers through by creation, reliability, integrity and punctuality.

Inspired by the company core value, An Khang Furniture strives to provide GOOD QUALITY, BEST PRICE furniture to everyone by very clear mission:   

     - Continuously introduce exciting collections that we are doing (classic design, contemporary design, industrial design and retro design)

     - Keep recruiting new QC member as well as training and improve knowledge for existing one.

     - Sharpen our price by purchasing new machines, built good relationship with our supplier, training our workers to improve efficiency and effective.

All the things that we are going to do with just one reason because we want to provide a beautiful, worry-free, and fair price product to worldwide customers.