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In 2002, when furniture industry in Vietnam was still young and was still a toddler in the World Furniture Trade, bravely Mr. PHAM VAN SAU – an over 10-year experienced man in furniture – detached himself from his big furniture family group to set up his own business.

Brothers Furniture – his first factory with over 15.000 m2 and 300 workers – was built and set up in Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Park. In the beginning, Brothers overcame all difficulties with their own experiences and firm stuff and attracted a group of potential and trust-worthy customers. In the high season, 25 containers per month was an unbelievable capacity for not only a newly built factory but also an experienced one.

According to Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnamese, furniture exporting reached 1.5 billion US dollars at the end of 2005 when Furniture Trade in Vietnam started a strongly developed stage. In order to meet all customers’ demands at that high season, an idea of setting up a second factory appeared in Brothers Management’s mind.

2007 was the time when the above idea was carried out. An Khang - 8 kms away from Brothers factory - was  the second factory with 16.000 m2 and  400 workers. Being managed by a group of skillful and experienced managers, An Khang could ship 40 containers per month in the beginning. Besides, Mr. Rio – the only son of Mr Sau – who got a lot of knowledge on furniture from the big Furniture Family group and from his abroad study was the Vice director of An Khang. With these advantages on materials facilities and on human resource, An Khang could be a strong competitor for all current furniture factories not only in the same city but also in the rest of Vietnam.