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 “Design” is a key factors that leading us to success. Different markets, different customers, different usage purposes or demands send out different designs, different structures, different appearances.

Getting 20 years experience in designing Furniture, our design team are confident and skillful enough to meet all customers’ demands – even the hardest requirement. They can also help provide customers good, suitable designs with competitive price. On the other hands, our young designers can provide modern and applicable designs.

In order to catch the market tendency, we always keep studying new things, applying in production and introducing to all customers who are interested in. We annually take part in Singapore International Furniture Show (IFFS)  and also visit most of Furniture Fairs in the world: Cologne, Shanghai, Birmingham, Australia…. Thanks to these, we get to know all markets tendency timely and are able to serve our customers better products, better finishing, better quality day by day.

With 20 classical and contemporary collections per year, we believe that we can supply and meet all customers’ demands and also can catch up with market tendency in any stages, at any time.